Astrogate Game Overview

The main objective to the game is to be the last player alive on the planet. You will first spawn on your own ship orbiting a planet. From there you will select your spawn point wait for the timer to reach 0 and behold the sight of everyone's pods as you all fall to the planet.

Start your adventure by looking for crystals and using your mining tool to gather the resources. These will be used to signal your ship to send you items and weapons. Use these weapons to eliminate your enemies and become the last person alive!

Look through each section of this page to find out more about each part of the game.

Shrinking Planets

One of the unique and key features of Astrogate is how the environment changes around you. As you walk around the planet itself will shrink in stages, depending on time and amount of players in order to keep the pace of the game going as less players are alive.

Fast Paced Combat

We want players to always be doing something and encountering new enemies. By having the physical planet itself shrink this makes less space players can occupy bringing them closer together. By using this method players can still explore the entirety of what the planet has to offer, and even access areas not previously available.

Unexplorable Areas

Because the physical size of the landscape changes we can do really cool things such as gate the player from being able to enter certain areas until they are big enough to either jump across a ravine, climb a mountain or swim across large portions of water. As parts of the planet opens up to players, they will find more valuable minerals and items to aid their mission, and reasons to keep exploring during later game stages.

Planet Types

There are many different planet types planned for Astrogate. We have our current Snow Planet, our up coming Lava Planet, and many others including: islands, exotic, lush forest, desert and broken moon.


Unique and over the top weapons play a primary role in gameplay. We want every weapon to have a different experience and feel fun to use. While we do have standard weapons like a pistol, shotgun or SMG, each offer a variety of projectiles and firing modes. After those is where the fun really begins. With freeze guns, goo guns, shrink guns and over 30 different melee weapons planned we aim to offer the most fun and crazy multiplayer experience ever.

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